Twin Cities Thrift Stores Review: Unique Thrift Store in New Hope

This series of posts is long overdue. Ever since I moved to Minneapolis I’ve been doing nothing but researching new thrift stores to go to. I do have a couple of favorites, but there is always more to be added on to the list.

Today I went to Unique Thrift Store in New Hope. I heard about it from a coworker, who said it was in Crystal, well Crystal, New Hope, Robbinsdale – it’s all the same to me :) I hope I don’t offend any of the residents of the suburbs mentioned above!

Now I took a few pics inside the store, but totally forgot to take some of the outside, so here is one taken off of their website!

Now that place is huge! Compared to everywhere else I’ve been in the Twin Cities so far, the only place that possibly compares is Savers on Lake St. As a DIYer and a crafter I was pleasantly surprised by the selection, they had sewing patterns, beads, zippers, yarn, and all the other goodies you can dream of. Those are hard to find at Goodwill or Salvation Army. I even got some fabric!

The purse selection is also great! But the good brands are priced high, even if the purse is a complete disaster :/

I initially went to Unique looking for black maxi skirts for work! Well I found a couple that I liked, tried them on, and was sort of disappointed, but then I looked at the dresses, and was able to find two that I liked, and that would be perfect for work for the summer and into the fall!

I wasn’t exactly impressed with the home goods section, there was no order or organization whatsoever, toys and pots and glassware, all mixed on the long shelves! There were a lot of things though, so that’s good! The more variety, the better.

The furniture selection is very good compared to other places, as well as jewelry, there are so many chachkies there, that I decided to leave before I spent a ridiculous amount of money on them all!

Prices are quiet odd though, some items are priced reasonably low, but some are overpriced, like that black Coach bag in one of the pictures above, that I think was $39.99 I remember getting my mother-in-law a brand new one at Salvation Army for $34.99

Shoes are on top of the clothing racks, just like at Plato’s closet! That sort of arrangement only works when the shoes are arranged according to size, and the sizes are posted where everyone can see them, which I unfortunately didn’t notice here.

Overall I was greatly impressed with this store, plus they do a Customer appreciation day every Tuesday, so you can get 25% off on all of your purchases (and who doesn’t like savings?). There are more reviews on yelp if you are interested, or dissatisfied with mine :P

And finally, here is what I got

Black maxi dresses, so now I can be 100% accepted into the nunnery of Clinique ;)

And some fabric, the blue is so so much more vibrant than what the picture shows

I hope you all enjoyed this review, I promise I will have more in the next couple of weeks!

Happy Thrifting,


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