Thrifting for Treasure: Scarves from Z to A!

This Thrifting for Treasure post is going to be different from all the rest that I have ever written! This time I am going to show you the freecycled scarves that I was able to pick up from a person, who lives about 10 minutes away from me.

What is the difference between freecycling and thrifting? The first one is FREE! The only catch is – you never know what you are going to get inside, just like with life! (Anyone noticed me hinting at Forest Gump here?)

So today, I played dress up and took pictures of all the scarves I got this past week! I am also showing the different ways of wearing scarves, and that is always popular! Hope you like it!

1. Check out these lovely fall colors!

2. This one makes a perfect vest!

3. Check out this geometric print!

4. Tied up and Tousled!

5. Very Oriental

6. A Headband!

7. Bun on the side!

8. A Double Headband.

9. Back to School with Saks Fifth Avenue Scarf!

10. Pin it up!

11. Can you find the scarf in this one?

12. Braid it for a romantic look!

13. Bibs aren’t just for Babies!

14. Everyone needs a Good cover-up!

Let me know what you think of these scarves and the ways you would wear them! Have a great weekend you guys,



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28 thoughts on “Thrifting for Treasure: Scarves from Z to A!

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  4. Emily

    Such cool ideas for playing a little differently with all of the scarves in my wardrobe!! Can’t wait to try them out – love the necklace idea :)

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  13. smalltwnfashion

    I love the back-to-school style – it reminds me of the giant bows my mom used to put in my hair when I was little! I’d love to see your reviews of Minneapolis thrift stores – my cousins live up there, and I often go visit them. We’re always looking for new things to do!

  14. Meg Carty

    #1 is a classic – but I love the double headband! How do you get it like that? :) P.S. I just stumbled on your blog this morning when looking for MSP thrift stores. We just moved here a few weeks ago and I’m dying to thrift. haha I’m pretty sure the only things I own came from random thrift stores, Goodwill, and IKEA. :) Anyway, headed off to Salvation Army in MN for the first time! Thanks for the heads up! p.s. feel free to check out my blog at:

      1. Meg Carty

        thanks! :) moved from super small town in Illinois. and you’re from Russia by way of NY right? lol. that’s so cool. i did a student exchange in college to Rhode Island and got to go to NYC when i was there. loved it! anyway, didn’t find anything at SA but did hit up Saint Vincent De Paul on 12th ave. found a great chair and foot stool. Will post pics on my blog later today. I’ve subscribed to this blog – so much fun reading about your finds.

      2. Meg Carty

        p.s. your blog is so fun to read! i was browsing thru your old entries… :) diy, thrifting, and you got married this spring?! haha i don’t know you but i totally relate to this blog. just got married this september and i diy’d most of the wedding. my mom grew the flowers. got my dress off ebay for $30. friend made the cake. i built props for the stage (got married in a theater instead of a church). haha anyway, glad i found ya online!

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